En Route To The Black Death 

The plague, a disease that I grew up fearing having learned in school all about how the Black Death ravished through Europe eviscerating a good portion of the population. 

It’s one of the reasons I detest rats. 

So, you can imagine my horror when a good friend of mine sent me a text 2 days prior my Seychelles trip that read “be careful in Seychelles and stay away from the plague”. I quickly googled “Seychelles” and spent the next 30 minutes reading about the Black Death surging in Madagascar and the possibility that it’s spread to Seychelles. Great, what do I do now I thought. 

I called Eszti to let her know but I put it lightly and didn’t specifically say it was the plague to not completely  freak her out. As you can see from the screenshot below, her fingers got a googling soon after our call, enter freak out session. 

Jeeeeeeeeeeeeezusom in Hungarian could be translated to Jeeeeeeeeeeeesus in English, plus or minutes an E or two.  We had a decision to make, cancel our non refundable hotel and airfare to Seychelles or live like the OG’s we are and travel straight towards The Black Death. 

I once held an office happy hour at the Medieval Madness Bar & Restuarant in Old Town Alexandria which was a cheesy medieval experience, bug I figured I was at least medieval experienced enough and  I was now about to have a real deal medieval experience, trying to stay alive in the midst of the plague. 

Once our plane landed in Mahe airport in Seychelles and the plane taxied, I heard an announcement I’ve never heard through the intercom in my hundreds of flights prior. “Please be seated until an official has come on board and given us an okay to stand and retrieve your bags”. Seconds later 3 officials wearing bright orange vests that read “HEALTH” in large letters entered the plane and started handing out forms in addition to the customs forms we already had. SH*T just got real. 

We were finally given the okay to leave the aircraft after the officials deemed it safe and verified that no passengers had travelled to Madagascar in the last few days. We exited the plane and went through another health check before continuing onto immigration and even though the heightened sense of security should have made us feel safer, it made us tense and doubting our OG’ness. 

A few minutes later we were in our taxi headed to the H Resort in Beau Vallon beach and that’s where an unlikely source calmed our tense nerves. When I asked our taxi driver about the plague scare in the area he replied in a creole accent  “ahh, it’s nothing a nice cold beer can’t cure” 

Suffice to say, cold beers are within arms reach all week 🙂