Hey Reddit, Ask This Workationer Anything

Today I decided to get on Reddit and post an AMA (ask me anything) about my digital nomad lifestyle for a three main reasons:

First, I get a ton of questions through my IG and FB pages about my travels so I think there is genuine interest in someone that doesn’t live a conventional lifestyle.

Secondly because I’ve seen one too many FB or Youtube ads for people pitching the whole workation/digital nomad lifestyle while selling a seminar or ebook as if it’s a simple cookie cutter thing to do. It’s not, and I think some of those marketers are very misleading in hopes to get your hard earned money.

The third reason is that it seems like online marketers have a monopoly on the workation/digital nomad lifestyle and I believe that you don’t have to be an online marketer to be a successful digital nomad.

So if you’ve ever been curious to ask a question to me or any digital nomad for that matter, go on to Reddit My Reddit AMA link