FLASH SALE: Your Chance To Visit The Maldives Without Filing For Bankruptcy

When most people go on vacation they already have the destination and time to go selected and then they hop on one of the travel search engines looking for deals. The end result? they end up paying far to much for a lackluster vacation. Why? The main reason is because when using this common strategy you are casting such a narrow net to find a great deal that you rarely do find one.

I do it a bit differently. My go-to strategy for getting incredible deals to breathtaking destination is simple. I have a running list of about 5-10 dream destinations and then I pay attention to flash sales, error fares, or deep discount promos on a regular basis to any of the places on my list. By doing this I am casting a wide net to finding deals at any of the destinations without a specific date in mind so when I do find a deal I check to see if it corresponds with my work/life schedule and if it does, I go ahead and make the booking.  The end result? Overwater Villas and views straight out of a postcard. So, with that spirit in mind Hilton is having one of those flash sales that I yearn for.

hilton flash sale

The Conrad Maldives has regular rates starting at $936 per night but through this flash sale promo the same room could be had at 50% off ($468) per night. The sale covers many properties across South East Asia to if Maldives isn’t your cup of tea or is still a bit pricey there are various other dreamy destinations to take advantage of.  Check out the official flash sale promo page here

The deal ends on September the 8th so if one of these deals is enticing to you, you better check your calendar and make the booking within the next 2 days.

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