My Blog Is Horrible 

The title wasn’t an extreme attempt at clickbait, it’s simply the truth. 

If you’ve spent time reading this blog, and I hope you have, you will notice that the grammar is all kinds of trifling. The typos are as common and frequent as my travels and some posts are just bleh. What you may not have figured out is that I am well aware of that fact but I am also a firm believer in practice and experience being the best forms of learning. 

You see, I love to write but despite what your perception of me is, I’m a very busy person so most of my blog posts are written using the small screen on my iPhone which is usually cracked except for the week and a half period after I get it repaired or buy a new phone. So, part of the reason for my bad typos is just that, the other reason is because, well, I’m just not a refined writer yet. But if I decided to wait until I was, I would have probably never started this blog. 

Too many times people put their desires, dreams, and hopes aside because they are afraid of what others may think, or they are afraid of failure. I see it a different way, I see failure as the spawning ground to achievements and success therefore I care very little for the grammar police that may read my blog grimacing and waving a batton at every typo or misspelling. Or even worse, what if nobody reads my blog. Trust and believe that there are days that the blog gets zero visits if you subtract my own clicks 🙂 but then again realize that patients and consistency is the best way to achieving what you seek.

2 weeks ago a good friend of mine named Shuan reached out to me to discuss my blog. We chatted a bit about it and he expressed that he likes what I’m doing and offered to help. He’s a much better writer than I am and so he suggested proof reading my posts and making edits before I posted. I thought it was a generous offer and didn’t hesitate before accepting. The point is that when you put yourself out there, there will be critics but more importantly there will also be people along the way that genuinely want to help you along that way so I urge you to go ahead and do that thing that you’ve been putting off until you were gonna be perfect at it. 

 I plan on writing my horrible blog posts until they get bad, and from bad to fair, fair to decent, and from decent to skies the limit. But, if you see a drastic improvement in the next few posts it will be because this is the last post I will be making without the help of Shaun. 
I hope it was at least readable 🙂