Amalfi Coast It Is, Oh Wait…

After being indecisive about the destination to our trip this week, Eszti and I zeroed in on Amalfi coast. Positano to be exact. 

Positano is the place that comes to mind when you think of Amalfi. It’s the picture perfect place with the hill adorned with those colorful little villas. We booked our flight with Wizz Air for about $209 a person and we were half way to the trip being locked in. The lodging though would be more of a challenge as July is prime season in Amalfi and most people book way in advance. As I mentioned in a previous post, hotels were outrageously priced so the next best option was Airbnb. 

After an intense period of searching I found four suitable properties located in the heart of Positano and emailed the four owners spending the first paragraph complimenting them on the their gorgeous villa and the next paragraph asking them if they would be willing to meet my budget by cutting the cost by approx 50% and as usual one owner replied accepting my offer. Don’t ever underestimate the power of a well written and politely appropriated request. An $800 a night villa accepted  for $450 per night, wow!!!.

The kindness of this Airbnber would however go in vain because after I went to sleep thinking that I found our home for the next week, I was awakened by Eszti just a couple hours later showing me pictures of a really cool Bohemian style resort. Only problem? It was nowhere near Amalfi, or Italy for that matter. Back to the drawing board 🙁 

After swiping from one picture to another and reading multiple reviews, we both fell in love with the property and a short browse about the island it was located on later we had a unanimous decision. Cancel the Amalfi flight and rebook to Rhodes, Greece. The good thing was that I had booked a fully refundable flight so making the change was a breeze. The harder part was sending the email apologizing to the Airbnb owner in Positano. 

All roads lead to Rhodes!!! 

Flight: Wizz Air 

Hotel: Casa Cook Rhodes (And one night at Lindos Comfy Suites)