I’m On A Plane But Have No Clue Where I’m Going

As I type this, I’m sitting on a united airlines flight headed to Frankfurt but that’s not my destination. It’s just a connecting stop before I go to Budapest to spend the weekend with Eszti but that too isn’t my final destination. 

You see we planned a trip for the week though we have no idea where to and I somehow know that I’ll be back in DC by next Saturday but I don’t even have a return ticket home. I mean how could I ? I don’t even know where I’ll be all week. 

Sound crazy? Maybe to someone that doesn’t travel as much as I it may sound a bit crazy but for me this is business as usual. In fact I’ve even landed to some countries and booked my hotel while I wait for my bags to arrive at the carousel, I mean what else are you gonna do while you wait for your bags to come out. 
Why? Well sometimes I just forget to book a hotel until I land and have an oh sh*t moment, other times because I’m waiting to see if a bargain deal opens up. For this trip, both Eszti and I are completely clueless where we wanna go so we haven’t even booked the flight let alone the hotel. Part of the problem is that we decided to take this trip just a week ago so most of the hotels we like in the list of destinations we are thinking of are either sold out or they want $1,600 a night for a room the size of a pantry with a view overlooking a picturesque gray wall. 

Amalfi Coast, Crete, Algarve, Malta, Sicily, Sardania, Nice, Zakynthos, or some other place, I’m pretty sure we’ll land at one of these places in a couple of days but right now your guess is as good as mine. 

What’s strange and awesome at the same time is that as I type this I’m watching a documentary about FIFA on Netflix and it mentioned that for the first ever World Cup that was held in Uraguy, the European teams had to take a 3 week long journey to get to the tournament and yet today I can decide on a whim where in the world I wanna go at the very last minute, buy a ticket at the airport counter and be there within hours. How blessed are we to live in these times.


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