Why I Travel So Darn Much

In short, it’s liberating!!!

It’s the epitome of freedom. To be able to get up, take an Uber to the airport and within a matter of just a few short hours be across the globe still baffles my mind and I don’t think it will ever stop doing so.

The American Dream, as many define it to be sounds more like a nightmare to me. To each it’s own right? But I can never understand how being caged in a white picket fence within a house that looks identical to every other house on the block and performing the same routine daily would interest anyone not named Truman.

Sure, being home in a predictable environment is comforting. All our family, our friends and everything we know is at home. We know all the back roads that get to the shorter route to the short cuts. We refer to our local Starbucks barista by first name but surprisingly I know less about my neighbours that have lived next door to me for years than I do the hotel guest that stayed next door to me on my last vacation. Why is that? For me, I find myself being much more adventurous when I am outside of my comfort zone. Don’t get it twisted, I’m not one of those super adventure seeking anti-tourist tourists that want to hand feed wild cheetahs in the Serengeti and take an oath of silence with some Yogi in the outskirts of Mumbai. I’m perfectly fine simply sipping a machiatto in Rome, or taking a stroll through the hectic streets of Tokyo, or better yet soaking pure sun rays on the white powdery sands of the Maldives.

You see,  I’ve been to some amazing sights on earth such as Chitchen Itza, Stonehendge, and the Vatican to name a few. However, I have lived for over 24 years within 10 miles of the Washington Monument and till this day I have never been inside of it. Nor have I been to the Lincoln Memorial and until this year I hadn’t seen the cherry blossoms or the Whitehouse. It’s not that in not interested in my own city, it’s the pesky comfort of knowing I can always visit these places so I inherently never do.

Comfort is a trap, discomfort is liberating.
Being in a new place, around new people, new kinds of food, a different language, new culture norms and all the discomfort that comes with all of these things pushes me to do and try thing that I wouldn’t otherwise do if I were in a place of comfort. The discomfort that comes with have a limited time is also a motivating factor to go out there and do stuff. I can’t think I how many times I have been dead tired after a day of activities and I just wanted to lay in my hotel bed and wither away all afternoon and night long but I get a sudden jolt of energy when I say to myself “dude, your in freakin Fiji” or wherever I am at that given time. Had I been home, I would have probably wasted an afternoon binge watching 18 episodes of Greed on CNBC rather than watching Avicci’s final show live in Ibiza, zip lining upside down in Costa Rica, getting lost in the rain at 4 am in Shanghai 2 hours away from my hotel, meeting my beatiful and heartwarming girlfriend in Budapest, Signing autographs to a bunch of strangers  that thought I was John Legend at a bar in Vienna.

I travel because it liberates me, and for me liberty isn’t only a passion but also a necessity!!!


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