Should I Travel With Two Pages Left In My Passport?

I have a trip coming up in a mere 2 days and just realized that I only have 2 pages remaining in my passport. I checked the State Dept website and it confirms that you only need 2 blank pages to enter Cyprus which is exactly what I have however I’m just not comfortable doing so. A couple reasons why; 

A few weeks ago I happened to be in Berlin while the airport workers decided to go on strike. Since I pay attention to travel news, I heard about the strike before my airline decided to email me about it therefore I had time to get out of Berlin before the strike began. Sidenote* airlines allow you to change flights without a change fee when there is a travel advisory caused by weather or a strike at the airport or even something that could disrupt traffic arriving at the airport such as riots etc. In any case, I began to search for the the next flight out of Berlin and I really didn’t care where I went as my goal was just to get out of Berlin to avoid the strike and then plan my way back to the US once I’m out hence I nabbed up a flight out to Budapest that night and was able to rebook the next day onward to the US. That brings me to my point, you never know what can happen while on travel therefore I may have to travel to another country while I am in Cyprus that may require that I have a certain amount of blank passport pages so while I wont have a problem in Cyprus, I may have one should I have the need to travel elsewhere. 

The second reason is simple, why leave things to chance when I can simply do the opposite. Sure the State Dept. is a reliable source however govt can change requirements of entry for any reason whenever they choose so I would rather err on the side of caution.

 Good thing is that the Passport Agency makes it super easy to get last minute renewals, re-issues, or even new passports. All you need to do is make an appointment (or walk in as I am doing) with a local office and in most cases you can get your passport same day or the next day. The service is so effecient and great that they have a 5 star rating on Yelp, seriously. Now you will need to keep in mind that there s an expedite fee of Approx $60 but when you don’t have any choice at the last minute and you get speedy great service, it’s totally worth it. 


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