The Shortest Singapore Business Class Review Ever!!!

I finally got to try the talked about Singapore Airlines Business Class that everyone raves about. In fact I altered my trip and positioned myself to JFK just to take Singapore Airlines to Frankfurt so I can try them out. I’ve flown on Qatar Airways Business Class a few times already and it ranks as my best business class in the skies so I wanted to see if Singapore can become a worthy challenger. 

I’m not gonna bore you with every little detail of my flight experience as this product has been heavily reviewed by several bloggers again and again so I’ll stick to the highlights and keep this brief.

The Seat The width of the seat is straight up ridiculous!!! I mean I could have easily fit someone else (my girlfriend of course)on my seat and would have still been comfortable. The thing feels more like a throne than it does an airline but does someone really need that much space? If you have a Kardasian size derier, maybe. If not than its just overkill but it does look cool. What I didn’t like about the seat was that you have to fold it down into a bed as apposed to a simple click of the bottom to put it in sleep mode and back. I mean the bed is super comfortable but it makes it tougher to switch from sleep mode and chair mode as I often go back and forth on long flights. In fact I needed help to fold it out as I didn’t even know where to begin. 

Unfolding My Bed ​​

The Garlic Bread!!!The food is pretty good but man o man that garlic bread!!! Good God almighty, what do they put in it? I must have had 4 or 5 of those heavenly bundles of carbohydrate wonderland. Other than that the food was simply good. 

The Service was pretty stellar too but I have to admit that it wasn’t on the level of some of the other Asian Carriers I’ve flown. It was good but wasn’t as endearing and refined. 

See, I promised that this would be a pretty brief review as this product has been reviewed time and time again so just wanted to add my two cents. It’s good but wasn’t good enough to dethrone Qatar Airways as my favorite business class product. 

Qatar still reigns high on my list but my top 5 has a new resident 🙂 


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