Girlfriend, Singapore, ITB Berlin, and Drake… In That Order 

So, I’ve been on a somewhat hiatus for a couple weeks albeit with good reason as I’ve been cramped neck deep with the bonafide”real” work of opening a new branch to the insurance business I own, C&P Group. In the midst of my “real” work I have traveled in between but simply couldn’t find the time to chronicle my trips to Miami, Puerto Rico and Budapest while dealing with the monkey wrenches that are the predictably unpredictable staple of all new endeavors. Well, new branch is officially open today and I’m back to having a life again and excited to bring a challenge to that steps of Qatar. 

Next week I will be traveling to Berlin to meet up with my amazing girlfriend, attend ITB Travel Trade Show where Emirates is set to reveal their new  talked about first class suite, and to check out A Drake concert. Some week I have coming up 😬 as if that’s not exciting enough, I’ll be flying there on a business class product that I have yet to try, the coveted Singapore Airlines Business Class that many rank as the #1 business class product in the world (above Qatar).

To date my best business class experience has bar none been on Qatar Airways with the only challenger to come close being Eva Air (not their Hello Kitty plane). So I’m looking forward to seeing and reviewing another Asian carrier that touts the widest seat in business class coupled with the signature Asian hospitality that is world renowned. 

Can I go to sleep now and wake up next week already? 😫😫😫


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