Rating My Best First/Business Class Experiences 

Whenever I hear people saying that the good ole days of flying are long gone I always feel the urge to correct them. There’s no doubt that economy class travel is a mere shell of it’s past, but when it comes to international premium cabins there hasn’t been a better time to fly. Below are the best business class cabins that I have personally experienced and reviewed in order from best to worst.

  1. Emirates: The iconic first class suite is a bit aged now but is still a stellar product combined with the best service in the skies. 
  2. Etihad: The Apartment is probably the most spacious and closest experience to flying private you’ll get from an airline.
  3. Qatar Airways: Best combination of seat, food & beverage and world class service that i’ve had in business class. 
  4. Eva Air: Amazing service, food and Rimowa amenity bag😬😬😬
  5. Asiana: Another great carrier for it’s service and attention to detail. 
  6. Austrian: They have a chef on board, nuff said!!
  7. Thai Airways: Thai people are extremely hospitable, same applies on the airline.
  8. Air Canada : Surprisingly good seat and warm Canadian hospitality. (Seats have since changed to the better reverse herringbone seats) 
  9. KLM: For the little alcohol filled house’s and superb deserts. 
  10. SAS (Scandanavian Airlines): Good seat and solid food.
  11. Lufthansa: Indifferent service but still more consistent than all the US carriers. 
  12. Delta: Most consistent US carrier.
  13. American Airlines: Nice reverse herringbone seat and depending on crew you might get a super duper flight attendant or your worst nightmare. 
  14. Ethiopian Airlines: Injera 30,000 feet above will make anyone smile😊
  15. United Airlines: *Can’t think of anything nice to say other than they have lie flat seats (which most business class cabins do these days) 

So far for 2017 I have already booked business class flights for the following airlines that I haven’t yet flown. 

  • Malaysian 
  • Sri Lankan 
  • British Airways 

And I’m hoping to also fly Singapore Airlines as its constantly rated as the best business class in the world, just above Qatar. 

What is your favorite business class airline? 


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