Young Thug Goes Off On Alaska Airline Check In Agent

If you haven’t see the video yet, brace yourself and watch…


Most of us have at one point or another been a bit frustrated with airline staff but what Young Thug did to these two women is down right disgusting.

It was reported that the reason he was unable to board his flight is because he showed up at the check in counter a mere 15 minutes before his flight with bags to check in. Maybe Young Thug is accustomed to flying private but on most commercial airlines there is a cut off time to check in, especially with bags and it’s usually at around 45 minutes before departure. Even if he was 1 minute past the cut off time as I have been before and been refused boarding, there are very little reasons if any at all to use the kind of hateful language he spewed at these young women as he channels his inner Imus by saying:

“Their hair nappy as a motherf**ker,”

Before he offered them $15,000 in cash to quit their jobs on the spot.

A cringe worthy video indeed that I hope makes us all question why we support and let some elevate into the limelight regardless how talented they may be although in this case I’m using the word talent very very lightly.


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