Wow Deal: NY to Europe for $192

Having flown on Norwegian Airlines a month ago, I was very excited about the potentials of this fast expanding airline as they have great fares to most their destinations, the bulk of which being to and within Europe. Today’s deal however is an even better bargain, one that can make you go wow!!! JFK-Stockholm for $192 roundtrip. 

Taking Advantage

If you are thinking that this is a great deal but sadly not to a place you ever really cared to visit. First, Stockholm is a great city but also keep in mind that flights within Europe on low coast airlines such as Ryan Air are very cheap. So you could essentially take advantage of this deal to get to Europe and then catch cheap flights or train rides to other cities in Europe that are a bit more desirable to your liking. 

Booking Trick

To get the $192 price you would need to book through one of the European versions of the Norwegian website. Why is this? It’s because Norwegian discounts fares by 20% if booked through their European website. The easy way to do this would be to open 2 Windows, open the US based website on one and the Norway based site on the other and as you go through the booking you can reference the US based site for easy on the go translation and save a cool 20% on all Norwegian flights. 

*Remember to use a credit card that doesn’t charge foreign transaction fees when doing this. 
US Norwegian Webpage 

Norway Norwegian Webpage