The Sport Fanatics Travel Conundrum: NFL Edition 

Winter is the best time to travel for me, being that I live in the east coast and winter weather being blah-ish. It only makes sense to escape the winter blues to a tropical paradise but the choice isn’t always as easy as it seems if you are an NFL fanatic like myself that hasn’t missed a Redskins game in 20 years plus. So what to do?
The NFL certainly doesn’t make it easy as their lucrative TV contracts have several restrictions that keep access to games pretty tough if you are outside of your market. If your team is a perennial playoff contender life is a bit easy as a lot of your games have a chance of being broadcasted on international TV such as the several international ESPN channels. Many sports bars targeting American clientele will usually show the good games. However if you want to watch a game such as the Redskins versus Browns game like I needed to watch a couple weeks ago, it can prove to be a tough task, but certainly not impossible. 
In years past, I’ve struggled to find a website that’s streaming the game and would usually have to start searching a couple of hours before the game to find a reliable streaming site. By reliable I mean 20-30 crashes per game and resolution as fuzzy as watching a game in the early 90’s courtesy of a rabbit ear antenna. That all changed when the NFL introduced Gamepass International. Gamepass in the US allows you stream games once they have concluded but Gamepass International allows you to stream live games with the only catch being that you cannot be in the US while watching it, but what are rules if you can’t find your way around them. Gamepass International costs $199 for the entire season so if you could only use it when you travel that would kind of suck, thankfully there is a way to use it while in the US as well so shelling out the $199 makes it a lot more bearable. So, how do you do it? 

Downloading Gamepass International:

  1. If you decide to do this before you make your trip or if you would like to have the ability to watch live NFL games you will need to get a SmartDns or VPN service provider. The one I like is, it costs $4.99 per month and has proven to be pretty reliable. Once you have the VPN account set up you would need to set up your device or devices by following instructions provided by the VPN provider and then also change the region of your VPN service to anywhere outside American (avoid using Mexico or Canada). Once this is done you are almost ready to download the app but you will need to take one more step to do so.
  2. Change App Store location. If you search for Gamepass in the US App Store you will get the US version of the app which you don’t want since it won’t show live games. What you will have to do instead is either use a friends (living in foreign country) Apple ID or create a fake Apple ID account but make sure you put your location to be outside of the US. You can still enter a US credit card and it will accept the new Apple ID. After you have done that you will need to log in on your iOS device using your new dummy Apple ID and the proceed to the App Store where you will be able to download the international version of Gamepass. After the app is downloaded you can log back using your main Apple ID. 
  3. Once downloaded you will need to purchase a Gamepass subscription and you can use a US credit card to do so (caution: make sure that you are subscribing to the international versions before making your purchase).

Once the set up is complete you can officially watch live NFL games in the US by turning on your VPN service on your device or whenever you are overseas without having to use the VPN. I hope this helps you to never have to contemplate not taking a trip because a big game on Sunday is looming, enjoy your trip and the game and never forget to HTTR!!!


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