Flying Tip:

There isn’t a shortage of travel websites selling airfare these days but most of these websites basically have the same fares with some slight nuances here and there. And then there are sites like that bring a refreshing new approach.

Most of the travel websites will search for flights in which the itenirary will only involve partner airlines, so while there might be cheaper or better routed flights, the travel websites will ignore these flights. That is why savvy travelers learn the route maps of several airlines and manually book each segments of flights separately. A task that can be a bit cumbersome  and confusing for the average traveler, that’s were comes in. Cleverlayover ignores the airline alliances or partnerships and simply looks for the cheapest flights from your start point to end point. 

Example, let’s say you want to travel to Amsterdam from Washington DC and you search Expedia for flights. Expedia will probably yield a bunch of results from Skyteam Alliance partner airlines such as KLM, Delta, Air France as the main airport in Amsterdam is heavily served by Skyteam Airlines. So you might find a routing like DC to Atlanta on Delta and then Atlanta to Amsterdam on KLM but what if there is a much cheaper flight if you instead fly from DC to London on American Airlines (Oneworld Alliance partner) and then London to Amsterdam on Easy Jet (non alliance member airline). Non of the major travel websites will show you that routing as American Airlines and Easy Jet aren’t partners so you will either have to know each airlines route map and peice the trip together yourself or you could simply find the best priced options using to find the true cheapest flights for your desired destination. 

The next time you are booking a flight, try searching in both the regular booking site you usually use and also and compare the two. 


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