Travel Hack tip: Positioning 

One of my favorite things to do is to find an amazing airfare deal and I’ve been able to do that both for economy and business class tickets to various places around the world. Just 2 weeks ago I found a round trip Qatar Airways business class promo deal to Australia for $1,838. That’s the price of most economy tickets to Australia and I’ll be sleeping on a lie flat bed onboard one of the best business class products in the world. So how did I do it? I “positioned” myself. Read below to find it more about this strategy. 


Searching for flight deals on sites like is a great way to find amazing bargains for airfare but when most people search for these deals, they usually search for flights originating from their home town. If you really want to find amazing bargains you want to avoid making this mistake and use a method called positioning. Let me break it down for you.

 Last year there was a ridiculous fare for a flight from Washington DC to Abu Dhabi starting at about $180 round trip in economy class. These tickets usually go for $800-$1200 round trip. Now if you lived in Charlotte, NC you might have been envious of people living in the DC area but what you should have been doing instead is searching for airfare tickets from Charlotte to DC so you could position yourself to take advantage of this ridiculous deal. Low cost carriers such as Spirit, Frontier, or Southwest are great options to find cheap flights that may have increased your overall cost by another $100-$200 roundtrip. That still leaves you with a $380 round trip ticket from Charlotte, NC to Abu Dhabi which is tough to beat. 

So, to find amazing bargains you want to search for deals originating from anywhere you can find regular cheap flights to and fro. The closer to your home city the better (for convenience purposes). To illustrate another example, I’m taking a trip to Fiji in a couple of weeks. A simple search on kayak shows that I would be looking to pay around $11,600 to book a round trip business class ticket from DC to Fiji with 2 connections and about 26 hours each way. 

So instead of paying an outrageous amount for this flight here is what I search for and found instead:

Bargain airfare: roundtrip Zurich to Sydney deal in Qatar Business Class for $1,838 (17 hour flight time)

Positioning airfare: roundtrip DC to Zurich in United Economy Class $503 (8 hour flight time)

And a final roundtrip Fiji Airways flight from Sydney to Fiji for $420 (4 hrs flight time) 

Total cost: $2,761 (29 hour flight time)

Added Benefits:  

  • I will be staying in Switzerland for 4 nights and getting a chance to visit the Alps while breaking up the 29 hour total flight time to make it more manageable and less stressful.
  • Qatar Business Class is rated 2nd best business class in the world behind only Singapore Airlines. 

So, by being able to position myself to Zurich, I saved approximately $8,839 and I get to visit Switzerland within the price. A win win in my book. 
*Positioning does have some risks, main one being that if your positioning flight is cancelled or delayed you could potentially lose out on your bargain airfare deal so it is advised to leave enough time between flights to plan for delays. I also advice not to check bags in and only do carry on if connection times are within 3 hours. 

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