Is Le Blanc The Best Resort In Cancun? 

If you check out tripadvisor you’ll find Le Blanc resort ranked #1 and this has been the case for a few years now. Rave reviews and plenty of them flood the Le Blanc Trip Advisor page, but it’s not just TA users that love this resort, it’s also been rated top 20 All-Inclusive resorts worldwide by Conde Nast so is the hype for real? Yes and no, depending on your taste so read my detail review below if you’ve been considering a luxury trip to Cancun.

Le Blanc, the plush all white building located at near the center of the Hotel Zone in Cancun has been regarded as the top resort in all of Cancun by many, so I decided to have a peak.

The Beach: When booking a vacation on the beach, I think the quality of the beach should rank very high up in priority and Le Blanc does not disappoint. Pristine white sand, turquoise blue water and plenty of lounge chairs. There is a bar on the beach but you’ll probably not have to get up and go there as the beach side service staff is fast, attentive and ready to bring you tequila shots and margaritas right to your chair or cabana. The beach chairs are obviously free but if you are not a Palace Resorts member you would need to reserve a cabana for a fee. Overall the beach experience at Le Blanc is a real treat and I couldn’t imagine anyone being disappointed by it. 

Pool: The pools at Le Blanc are another attraction. There 3 pools, the main pool that is an infinity pool facing the beach, another pool above that on the 3rd floor terrace also facing the beach and may actually boast a better view since its elevated, and lastly a third pool on the other side of the hotel behind the spa.

Both the main pool and the one by the spa have swim up bars but the main pool is definitely more attractive pool as you can gaze at the blue skies and turquoise water while sipping a pina colada by the edge of the infinity pool. However the pool by the spa gets the great share of the sun in the late afternoon so if sun is what you seek you can always switch pools at around 5:00 pm and keep that tan sharp. Water temperature was always kept cool without being too cold and all three pools were always clean. 

View of the main pool 

Doing some work by the main pool 

Before the storm hits 

Food: When I think if all-inclusive resorts, I usually think of bland food made for the masses therefore I can simply hope to consume enough alcohol to make a PB&j sandwich taste gourmet-ish. Well, You won’t need multiple pre dinner shots at Le Blanc as the food is top notch. There is an Asian, Italian, International, and French restaurant on the property and the only one that needs pre reservations is the French. 

The International restaurant serves the breakfast buffet along with a lunch buffet and a changing dinner a la Carrie themed option. Both the breakfast and lunch buffets were amazing, fresh, tasty and had a decent spread. My least favorite restaurant on the property was actually the one touted as their best, the French. We opted to go for the chefs tasting menu there which consisted of several courses of items picked by the chef. The presentation was great however each course came out pretty slow and by the time the main course arrived we were already pretty full and tired and just wanted to head back to the room, besides the food was good but wasn’t great. We never had a chance to visit the Italian restaurant but we did order room service pizza that came from the Italian restaurant and we were pleased with our margarita pizza. 

Our best food experience without a doubt was dinner on the beach. This isn’t included in the all-inclusive package however Le Blanc usually has resort credit promotions and you can use your resort credit for the dinner on the beach which I highly advise. I would recommend to do it as early as possible so you can get some twilight sun light before it gets dark. They set up tables within the cabanas and the setting couldn’t be better. Romantic, classy and the breeze from the ocean is a refreshing touch. The food itself is delish and as I recall is a set multiple course menu with the main course being a surf and turf (they would also gladly make dietary accommodations to meet your needs) 

All in all, the food is good enough to forget that you are even at an all inclusive resort.

Rooms: This is were I wasn’t too impressed with Le Blanc. Don’t get me wrong, the rooms are really nice but they don’t scream world class and lack character. The first downer was the lack of a balcony which is the case for most of the rooms at Le Blanc. Instead of an actual balcony they have Juliet balconies which are more like big windows with a railing. Having stayed at the Sun Palace in the past (a sister property in Cancun) I was expecting to be wowed by the rooms at Le Blanc as it is their top tier property in Cancun but in all honesty, the concierge level rooms at Sun Palace far outshine even the Honeymoon Suite at Le Blanc. The one thing I did like is the hot tub located in the corner of the room next to the Juliet balcony although again the hot tubs in the better rooms at Sun Palace are better located for a soak while watching the picturesque view. All the ocean view rooms get a decent open look at the ocean with little to no obstructions which is nice.

In room hot tub 

Service: This is were Le Blanc earns its mark and rave reviews pretty much everywhere. First, each room comes with a butler that is there to pamper you from check in to check out. Our butler Carlos offered to unpack our luggage for us and had I known this was possible I would have packed accordingly, since I didn’t, I politely rejected his offer. He did however find numerous other ways to pamper us and often remind us that we are on vacation and shouldn’t lift a finger for anything, even calling our elevator as he would hear us coming down the hall and press the elevator call button for us each time. He made reservations for us for the spa, French restaurant, dinner on the beach, and restaurants off the property as well. It didn’t stop there, he ran the hot tub water for us at night so it would be ready right after coming back from dinner, took some of our clothes for dry cleaning, and offered to pack lunch for us on a day that we left the resort for an excursion (we regrettably forgot to take the lunch) and he would complain to us daily that we aren’t making enough requests of him to pamper us. The butler service is world class and one of the reasons Le Blanc stands out from the other Cancun resorts. 

The top notch service doesn’t stop there though. Bartenders and wait staff are not only attentive and accommodating but they also remembered our drinks of choice after the first day and always called us by name. The wait staff at the International restaurant were no exception, in fact they were completely amazing and after a couple of days seemed more like our friends than our waiters. I’ve been to many resorts were the service feels forced, this place is different. They either hire their staff straight out of acting school or they hire genuine people that really love what they do, I’ll bet on the latter. 

One of our regular waiters, Armando, rarely let us simply eat from the buffet on most days. Instead he would tell us that he had a surprise for us from the chef and would come out 15 minutes later with a delicious concoction that wasn’t on the buffet nor the menu. Another theme of the service staff was their attention to detail, anytime they would see us with a bag or purse they would quickly bring out a table side purse/bag rack so we didn’t have to use the table top or another chair to hold our bag. Can the service be a little too much sometime? Maybe, something I did find a bit over bearing was that anytime we would get food from the buffet they would wait for us to finish and then take our plate from us and walk us to our table holding the plate. I thought it was a bit much but they had good intentions so I got used to it after the first couple of days. Tough life 🙂 . 

A nice afternoon room surprise from out butler 

Nice romantic set up courtesy of Carlos the butler 

Spa: Impressive decor, dim relaxing lighting and colors, great aroma and catered well with chocolates, several different kinds of teas and more. I didn’t use the spa for any of its amenities other than getting a massage on 3 occasions and each time the massages were amazing. 

Gym: Decent size for the number of rooms Le Blanc has. Several treadmills available, a group work out room and a weight rack that sported enough weights to work of all that good all-inclusive chow. 

The Grounds: I expected the property itself to be much more grander than it is. If I was to rate Le Blanc simply by the property grounds I don’t think I would score it that high. The decor is decent and the grounds isn’t horrible but it is getting a little dated and not something I would expect at the price point that Le Blanc is in. There is nothing on the property that will make you say wow, instead it’s simply a nice, clean and somewhat contemporary design that looks like many other 4 and 5 star resorts and hotels. 

The Verdict: I loved Le Blanc but I’m hesitant to crown it the best resort in Cancun. We visited Ninuc Resort one night for dinner and were highly impressed with the modern decor, gorgeous grounds, and similar service level as Le Blanc so I have a feeling that Ninuc might challenge Le Blanc for the top spot in Cancun very soon (they are currently 2nd on Trip Advisor) 

If service is a top priority to you then I would highly advise Le Blanc as a top choice in Cancun but if visual design and decor are a priority than I will say that Le Blanc is lacking in this department and you’ll probably be disappointed. Still, wether it’s the best resort or not it’s hard to beat Le Blanc so if spending approx $2,000 per person for 7 nights is in your budget than Le Blanc should most definitely be in the conversation but I wouldn’t forget to also look at Sun Palace as I think it presents a better value per dollar than Le Blanc does. 

Let us know if you take a dive at Le Blanc!!!


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