I’ve Never Been This Excited to Fly Economy 

Having flown on some of the best first class airlines in the world such as the Etihad Apartment  and Emirates Suite it’s rare that I get I get this excited for a flight with no lie flat seat but nonetheless I’m really excited for my Norwegian Premium Economy flight tomorrow from Budapest to Boston.

Why? Well, Norwegian may have the best premium economy product on the market. To start they do have the largest seat pitch at 46 inches which is pretty decent, you also get lounge access pre departure including an in flight 3 course meal. The seats also have decent recline and a foot rest. Being that I paid $503 for this one way flight, I’m really getting some good value for my money with the only draw back being that their frequent flyer program is really weak and they aren’t in any airline alliance so I will be sacrificing earning miles in this trip. A small price to pay to avoid being sandwiched in a middle economy seat for 12 hours. 

Norwegian is a very exciting airline that I have been keeping an eye on as they have been rapidly expanding their route map and even fly from the East Coast to the Carribean. Also as more airlines invest in their business class cabins and neglect economy passengers, Norwegian has created a premium product here that is affordable enough for most flyers. Thus I’m really excited to try Norwegian and this premium economy product as you would be hard pressed to consistently find seats at this comfort level from the US to Europe within this price range. Check back in a couple of days for my full review on Norwegian.