Why I book flights to places that I have no intention of going to, and why you should do the same. 

Sometime when I tell people that don’t travel much about some of my travel strategies they are left puzzled and completely confused. One of those examples is when I sometimes take a flight only to turn right back around and fly back home without leaving the airport of the place I just flew to. This is called a mileage run and most people didn’t even know that such a thing even exists. In fact some flight attendants are even puzzled when I board the same plane I just walked out from. 

So let me break it down for you. Frequent flyer miles are worth their weight in gold for heavy travelers, or even the light travelers for that matter. Whenever I hear about someone taking a flight and not registering to a frequent flyer account I cringe and wanna sock them on the head for letting these ever so precious miles go to waste. For someone such as myself that knows the value of frequent flyer miles I sometimes take flights for the sole purpose of getting frequent flyer miles and I have no intention of actually visiting the place I flew to, this is called a mileage run. I know you’re probably thinking I’m down right crazy but let me break it down for you. 
Qatar airways currently has a Dallas to Nairobi round trip flight for $648 and if I was in Dallas I could probably consider taking this flight since I would earn 38,356 redeemable miles and 17,480 Elite Qualifying Miles if I credited the miles to my American Airlines FF account. If all this sounds confusing to you please visit my  beginners guide page to learn more about frequent flyer accounts. In any case, I can credit miles to American Airlines because both Qatar and American Airlines are on the same airlines alliance (Oneworld). 

Here’s the breakdown:

Redeemable miles: Dallas to Nairobi round rip would earn base miles of 17,480 but because I am currently an Executive Platinum with American Airlines I would earn a bonus of 120% redeemable miles which equals 20,976.

So, 17,480 base miles + 20,976 bonus miles= 38,356 total miles. 

Now if I was only doing it to earn the redeemable miles, one could argue if it was worth it or not however if I needed to get 17k miles or less to requalify for Executive Platinum this year than this flight would be a huge bargain. Visit my Elite qualifying miles page to learn more about EQM’s.

American Airlines Executive Platinum members get the following:

1. Unlimited domestic upgrades to first class for you and your a travel companion. 

2. 4 system wide international upgrade vouchers

3.  Three free checked bags 

4. 120% mileage bonus 

5. Priority airport check in, security and boarding.

6. Priority baggage delivery

7. Complimentary preferred seats 

8. Complimentary alcoholic beverages in main cabin.

9. Expanded award seat availability 

10. Oneworld First and Business class lounge access worldwide.

Basically, are all the above benefits worth $648? I would say a lot more if you travel often and don’t forget that I would also be getting 38,450 redeemable miles for all my troubles that I can use for a round trip flight from DC to Cancun. So yes, I may consider taking this flight if I were in Dallas and needed to requalify for executive platinum 


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