Finding Deals

When most people decide to book a flight they usually go to one of the big travel consolidator websites such as Expedia, Orbitz, Kayak etc. although these sites are pretty decent at helping you find flights for you destination of choice on a specific date, being somewhat flexible can have it’s advantages and save you big time. That’s where sites like and

ITAmatrix has some pretty cool features such as the “search by calendar” feature that lets you search 2 months at a time to find the best prices for your travel cities and when you get more advanced it even allows you to play around with the routing using the multiple destinations feature that can sometimes get you better pricing. I will have another post in the near future detailing all the possibilities of ITAMatrix. is much simpler website as they do all the hard work in finding cheap fares for you and all you have to do is book them. These deals tend to last a short time so it requires some flexibility in order to make a decision and take the plunge however the site does a good job of posting multiple deals per day so even for folks with stringent schedules there are plenty of deals to be had. I have personally booked some amazing deals using this site like a $187 round trip ticket from Washington DC to Abu Dhabi on Etihad, a $101 round trip ticket from Washington DC to San Juan on American Airlines, $278 round trip from DC to Cartagena, Colombia and plenty of other deals.

Of course these are not the only ways to find deals for flights, there are plenty of other simple and some more complex ways to find some amazing bargains for both economy and business class flights. Keep the checking this blog for more tips.




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