Bro, How do you do it?



Probably the most common question that I get asked these days is “Bro, how do you do it?” and as I start explaining my secret to looking as dashingly handsome, I’m quickly interrupted and brought humbly crashing down to earth. How do I travel so often is what the question usually entails and while I can talk on and on about my swag (mildly joking) the one thing that gets me to sit up straight and blabber on and on nonstop is travel. I have had a love affair with travel since a little kid and haven’t been able to shake it off. Not that I care to anyway.


Sure, most people love all inclusive resorts, exotic beaches, amazing cuisines, and the thrill of witnessing a new culture and while I love all those things, I also adore the things about travel that most people hate. Airports, ahh do I love me some airports. Planes, the longer the flight the bigger my smile and if I can pack a few connections to check out some new airports then connect I shall. There really isn’t any aspect of travel that I don’t have a love affair with other than the occasional home sick feeling that’s usually cured with a stroll on a beach watching a gorgeous sunset. So, the basic answer to the question is that I love it, I love travel therefore I make it a priority (no pun intended) in my life and because I do so, I have been to 43 countries and countless cities at a relatively young age, and have visited some of those countries multiple times. But I think the true question that most people want to know is if I’m some kind of multi-millionaire or even something a bit more sinister (I’ll let you figure it out) after-all I mostly travel in business class or first class for flights over 6 hours and I usually stay at 5 star hotels or really slick Air Bnb’s so I don’t blame the curiosity factor. Especially because I shamelessly  plaster all those pics on Instagram. However the truth is that most of these things that many people think are out of their reach are really within arms length, if you know how to channel your inner Inspector Gadget and herein lies the reason you are reading this blog. While I’m no travel guru, I have learned some valuable tips and tricks in my years of travel that have allowed me to be that guy that walks by you as you’re in that never ending TSA line or sleeping on a fully lie flat bed on a 12 hour flight while you are fighting to the death for some arm rest real estate. So, if you have wanted to spread your wings and see the world, I hope I can share some information in this blog to help you do just that, and if you’re gonna do something, you might as well do it in style (cue Emirates first class suite here) lol.






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